1. Travel diary

    Hi. I’m here and I’m home.
    I’ve been in Tuscany for the last couple of weeks and it showed me that it is possible
    to survive horrible thunderstorms and that bruschetta tastes better when it’s home-made.

    But in the end, like always, I know I’m going to long for the crowded narrow
    streets in Lucca, living in a house from the 16th century and those sociable friendly lizards.



  2. Self-portrait

    If you told me I could float upwards into the ground, I would believe you. I would feel comfort from each gentle grasp by tentacles of grass as they pulled me in. I would not fear breathing. I would take a deep earthy breath from the garden of your good mourning. I will promise you one final look of love before flowers sprout from my eyes, sown from seeds of foolishness and hope.
    - written by Jack -


  3. Self-portrait

    Careless, happy and energetic throughout June.
    Here’s to something different.


  4. Travel diary

    Collected moments from a trip to Crete in May.


  5. Self-portrait

    Sleepless nights.
    Midnight shadows.
    Bright nights.