1. Self-portrait

    We could feel our heart beat at a drive-in theater and have dreams with soundtracks in them.
    We could lay on the grass entwined and make silhouettes of our hands as we reach for the sun.


  2. Self-portrait

    We’d rest on stormy skies and we’d be defeated by sunrays.
    We’d never have thought we’d get this far.


  3. Self-portrait

    … in our own twisted way.


  4. Self-portrait

    Fireworks filled up the night sky and no one paid attention to the silver globe. People chanted and laughed and danced, but all I could do was to look at the moon and wonder if you were looking at it too.


  5. Self-portrait

    "AM" on repeat and I’m opening a bedroom window. Birds chirping while it’s dark and I have a dust free camera. Smell of sun on skin and I’ve hidden an umbrella. Because everything’s a bit better when it’s April.