1. Self-portrait

    The bed felt warm at 7 am and the curtains were still covering a weeping window. It was Monday and decisions that were made the day before dragged a tired body out into the chilly February air. I decided to be something else, maybe something better. It felt different. And it felt better.


  2. Self-portrait

    There are so many letters, words, sentences. But the air is quiet, it’s empty.
    They’re stuck and I’m not making sense.


  3. Model: Inta Zwankhuizen

    Fall away, let go, blow your kisses over your shoulder, just don’t turn around.
    Say goodbye to all the nights and see the stars through the daylight
    and if you touch someone, make sure it feels good and that it lasts forever.
    - written by Jack -


  4. Model: Inta Zwankhuizen | Makeup: Emelie Haarde

    While some are reflecting on this past year, I can’t do anything but to
    focus on what’s to come. Journeys, experiences & beautiful mistakes.
    2014, I’m yours.


  5. Model: Inta Zwankhuizen | Makeup: Emelie Haarde

    The wonderful Inta let me photograph her a few days ago.
    We were mostly using her sister’s wardrobe and yes,
    it really was wonderful.