1. Self-portrait

    If you told me I could float upwards into the ground, I would believe you. I would feel comfort from each gentle grasp by tentacles of grass as they pulled me in. I would not fear breathing. I would take a deep earthy breath from the garden of your good mourning. I will promise you one final look of love before flowers sprout from my eyes, sown from seeds of foolishness and hope.
    - written by Jack -


  2. Self-portrait

    Careless, happy and energetic throughout June.
    Here’s to something different.


  3. Travel diary

    Collected moments from a trip to Crete in May.


  4. Self-portrait

    Sleepless nights.
    Midnight shadows.
    Bright nights.


  5. Self-portrait

    We could feel our heart beat at a drive-in theater and have dreams with soundtracks in them.
    We could lay on the grass entwined and make silhouettes of our hands as we reach for the sun.