1. Self-portrait

    He demanded I love you’s and she threw them away because she kept a count of graceless steps while he ran blindfolded. He knew bitterness wouldn’t last and she clenched her teeth because she collected deception in jars while he poured them out. He wore satisfaction and she ripped it off because she turned into bricks while he turned into ashes.


  2. Self-portrait

    I could sit with deserted eyes and stare out the window for hours listening to the rain as it hit the roof. Mesmerized by the trees as they danced in the already darkening day I figured numb was a good feeling. Waiting for the sound of heavy steps, a knock on the door, a crooked smile. But the rain
    continued for 32 days.


  3. Self-portrait

    I’ve abandoned my mind because I don’t want to recall and someone once said you have to let go of certain things just because they’re too heavy. Maybe I’ve let go of too much because I’ve forgotten
    how to breathe.


  4. Self-portrait

    The bed felt warm at 7 am and the curtains were still covering a weeping window. It was Monday and decisions that were made the day before dragged a tired body out into the chilly February air. I decided to be something else, maybe something better. It felt different. And it felt better.


  5. Self-portrait

    There are so many letters, words, sentences. But the air is quiet, it’s empty.
    They’re stuck and I’m not making sense.